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Careers at Best Practices, LLC

At Best Practices, LLC, we believe people grow, succeed and find work fulfillment when in the right job for them. That means helping candidates navigate to the right job that reflects their strengths, interests and passions.

All candidates coming to interview at Best Practices offices globally are required to fill out the following 3 short surveys. They will help us understand your interests, strengths and passions!


This survey identifies candidate strengths and helps us align your strengths with the best job



This form provides candidate information to help us align your needs and job requirements



This survey helps us understand your personal interests and helps us align your interests with the best job

Our Corporate Culture

Best Practices Corporate Culture

We hope you like working in teams, because you'll be doing quite a bit of it. Of course, you'll hear that from a lot of companies, but not many can offer this statistic: at Best Practices, LLC, nearly 100% of the work you do will be in the context of a team. It makes working here both exciting and challenging, especially considering our flat company structure. In other words, we don't have a lot of org charts and reporting systems around here. Most of the time, you'll be on teams with other Associates. Everyone will have different talents, interests, and opinions on "the way things should be." Sometimes you'll be "leading" a project, and other times you'll simply be a "team member." Either way, you'll learn very quickly how to work with other people to meet objectives and solve problems, without the crutch of authority. And that's great preparation for the rest of your life.

Our office environment is open. There aren't many walls or doors. If you have a great idea, you don't need to schedule a meeting two weeks in advance to discuss it. Red tape is not a factor. Of course, with this autonomy comes some responsibility. Finger-pointing is not an art we practice. You learn quickly that as soon as you think of something that needs changing or improving, it's your responsibility to move it forward. That doesn't mean you have to do everything by yourself, but it does mean that the "THEY" that haunt corporate America (as in, "Why don't "THEY" fix the payroll system?") thankfully have no office space at Best Practices, LLC.

We will not impose limits on your creativity -- or your ability to have fun. You don't have to wear a suit to the office, there's always soda and popcorn available, and people have been known to walk around in their socks or blast '80's tunes if the situation calls for it. You will have the chance to help companies fundamentally improve the way they do business, and we are confident that you will also improve our own operations along the way. Although we can't tell you what to expect every day you're here, we can assure you that the work you do will always be challenging and rewarding. And that's what a truly great job can offer.

A Day in the Life at Our Company

Best Practices Corporate Premises


It's really amazing how many jobs can sound wonderful on paper. After all, you went to a good school, you like people, and you enjoy challenge. So every consulting position that emphasizes teamwork, analysis, writing, and communication skills sounds like it's right up your alley. But the question remains -- What will I actually be doing?

Here's an idea. We hate to call this a typical "day in the life...," because you'll quickly discover that at Best Practices, LLC, typical days simply don't exist. In fact, that's one of the reasons you'll want to give us some serious thought. After all, you could spend the next two years of your life doing research to support someone else's projects. But we don't think that would be the best use of your skills and talents.

9:00 AMYou arrive. Priorities: coffee, voicemail, coffee, today's calendar, coffee, email. Did I mention coffee?
9:15 AMTime to schmooze. You're on the phone, updating a client on the progress of her research project while she updates you on the progress of her golf game.
10:00 AMIn addition to the two client projects you're currently working on, you are heading up an internal marketing team charged with designing a new brochure. You scramble to get to a joint meeting with the design firm to review initial proofs.
12:00 PMYour mission, should you choose to accept it: Interviews with Human Resources vice presidents at 15 world-class companies. You begin the delicate art of winding your way through the phone systems of several Fortune 500 companies.
1:30 PMTalking on the phone always makes you hungry. You head to Franklin Street in Chapel Hill with a group of co-workers to try out one of its eclectic restaurants and pubs.
3:00 PMThe final deliverable for the research project you're managing is due on Monday. You embark on the first edit of a co-worker's chapter.
5:00 PMThe fruits of your earlier labors are coming to bear, as your first telephone interview is scheduled for ... right now.
6:00 PMOh yeah, there's a client presentation to go along with that final report you were editing earlier. You're off to Boston in a few days -- which means that you had better transform the abstract art on your notepad into dazzling PowerPoint slides.
7:00 PMThe gym is calling. Unfortunately, it's being drowned out by the voices of a few co-workers, attempting (quite successfully) to convince you to try a new wine bar with them instead. You have some web searching you want to do tonight, so you undock your laptop and pack up to go home.  Regardless of what you do this evening, you're already looking forward to tomorrow, confident that it will be exciting and nothing like today.

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Business Research Analyst Position

Best Practices, LLC seeks business analysts for its thriving firm in the field of best practice performance improvement.

We provide advisory services (in the form of consulting, research, published reports, research databases, and membership services) for Fortune 500 companies and Global 2000 organizations, with a core focus on companies in the healthcare industry.


    Responsibilities may include:
  • Conducting research on best practices in business subjects
  • Developing, administering & analyzing client benchmark surveys
  • Arranging and conducting interviews with executives to highlight and uncover best business practices
  • Analyzing corporate and operational data
  • Writing, editing & contributing to business publications
  • Developing client presentations
  • Participating on project teams that support clients, marketing and publishing operations
  • Responding to client inquiries

Associates at Best Practices, LLC can expect extensive client exposure, significant project responsibilities and opportunities for project management and business development. Talented new hires will be rewarded with rapid advancement and compensation increases based on individual contributions and company performance.


Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, business major, business journalism or economics preferred. Experience in pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices and health care industries is beneficial. Applicants must have excellent written and verbal communication skills; possess strong, proven quantitative and analytical skills; enjoy performing original client research; and work comfortably in a rapidly changing, flexible work environment. Applicants must be comfortable working on computers (the primary software programs include Microsoft Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, and CRM databases — knowing these specific programs is not as important as being comfortable and able to learn to use them quickly).


Total compensation depends on directly relevant previous experience. 401K retirement plan, health, dental, and vision benefits are also included.

Application Requirements:

If you are interested in a position with our company, please send: (1) A résumé, (2) A cover letter describing why you are interested in this job and what you are seeking in a future employer, (3) Three references for you, and (4) Work samples that can include writing and presentation samples relating to business topics and/or a sample of in-depth quantitative and qualitative analyses performed.

Please use, 'Online Application'.


Sales/Business Development Professional

Best Practices, LLC is expanding its sales force. We are looking for high-performing, results-oriented sales professionals who can work well in a dynamic inside-outside sales role serving executive-level customers in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device, and Diagnostics sector. If you want to work in a fast-growing company that is pay-for-performance driven, then this may be a great opportunity for you.

Our sales professionals work with mid-level to senior executives in the health sector. We’re seeking experienced professionals who can develop new business and interact confidently with executives on commercial, clinical and technical topics. Winning candidates must be comfortable promoting high-value services and analytical products.

A Winning Candidate will have:

  • Demonstrated success selling research, consulting or professional services preferably to marketing, sales, medical or clinical executives
  • Experience serving the healthcare manufacturing sector
  • 3-5+ years of sales experience
  • A resilient, “get-it-done” personality
  • Comfort in relationship development
  • Highly competitive, team oriented, keen desire to succeed
  • Structured approach to business development
  • Business acumen enabling broad-reaching business discussions with customers

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop and grow your target accounts
  • 80% of business development time conducted through phone, e-channels and online demonstrations
  • 10-20% of business development requires travel to client headquarters and sites
  • Ability to sustain high-volume client outreach via telephone and e-communications
  • Serve clients, seek favorable introductions within existing accounts, develop new business and retain existing clients

Desired Skills:

  • Able to work in fast-paced, self directed entrepreneurial environment
  • Excellent communication and business writing skills
  • Excellent telephone skills
  • Strong time-management skills and structured work approaches
  • Highly motivated and self starter

Education and Qualifications:

  • Bachelors Degree or higher preferred
  • Background and/or experience with medical, clinical or marketing sciences topics
  • Academic background in biology, chemistry, English/philosophy, economics or other rigorous field of study
  • Comfort in self-paced learning
  • Experience with account management skills

Benefits & Compensation:

  • This position offers the right candidate:
  • A competitive base salary
  • Incentive compensation that more than doubles compensation at your sales goal
  • Uncapped commission and incentive kickers for exceeding goal
  • Health, vision and dental insurance
  • Access to low rates on supplemental group insurances
  • 24 days paid time off (includes holidays, paid vacation and personal days) 401K plan
This is a great opportunity for someone looking for the next step in their sales career. If you are interested in making a difference, working with great colleagues in a pay-for-performance, merit-based environment, then please submit your resume.

Please send the information to our CEO & Founder, Chris Bogan at cbogan@best-in-class.com

You may also fax or mail (e-mail preferred) the above materials to:
Best Practices, LLC c/o Chris Bogan
6350 Quadrangle Drive, Suite 200
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Fax: 919-403-0144


INDIA Job Openings


Associate-Research needed to join our growing team. This individual will conduct research analysis to identify best business global practices and benchmarks across industries. The associate will collaborate with US-team for consulting and research projects in pharmaceutical and medical device industry. In addition, the Associate-Research will have the opportunity to support across marketing/publishing areas such as web/social media, content creation.

Desired Skills: +2 years

Education: B.Com/ B.Sc, MBA

Preference: Market Research, Management

Industry Type: Research & Consulting

Role: Research Associate

Functional Area: Corporate Planning, Consulting

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Benchmark critical business processes, including sales, marketing, customer service, human resources and business operations.
  • Responsible to execute market research and consulting assignment/projects.
  • Conduct primary and secondary research.
  • Share industry knowledge team to execute projects efficiently.
  • Write market/Industry research studies and finalize them.
  • Decide upon the market studies/topics to be researched.
  • Finalize Table of contents/scope/structure of the market research studies.
  • Create and program surveys and questionnaires.
  • Contribute High level analysis.
  • Maintain project plan to deliver the report timely.
  • Analyze and segment quantitative data using Excel.
  • Create customized PowerPoint presentations of reports of qualitative and quantitative findings.

Desired Skills:

The candidate should have the following skills:
  • Excellent Business communication skills (English Speaking & writing)
  • Proficient in Excel & PowerPoint
  • Strong organisational & multi tasking skills with high levels of detail orientation, motivation and efficiency.
  • Knowledge of pharma industry will be preferred but not mandatory.

Please send the information to our HR Department

Please use, 'Online Application'.

Student Internships


Experience marketing, business development and research and consulting firsthand as an intern at Best Practices, LLC. Our office offers a friendly and informal work environment, but our interns get to experience a breadth of job responsibilities not always accessible at large consulting firms. If you enjoy fast-paced and varied work assignments, the Best Practices internship will give you the opportunity to work with our researchers on benchmarking projects, marketing content development, website management or sales support. Our internships typically require 8-10 hours of your time per week and are unpaid. Many interns have gone on to work at large consultancies or have secured jobs at Best Practices, LLC after graduation.

To inquire about internships or to apply for one, contact Jacob Vasser at jvasser@best-in-class.com or 919-767-9233. Applications should include your resume and a cover letter.

We typically have openings for the following internship positions:

Research/ Consulting Intern

Assist in advancing our product quality, data management and work productivity in our research and consulting channel. Interns will be responsible for supporting project teams with analyzing benchmark data, preparing data slides, importing and maintaining benchmarking data in spreadsheets, assisting in the data collection phase, helping with customer relationship management assignments and secondary research, and other benchmarking tasks. Applicants should be able to interpret raw survey data/metrics and present it in a meaningful format. Applicants should have strong analytical thinking skills, as well as working knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat.

Marketing Intern

Assist in SEO analytics; creating marketing collateral (press releases and e-marketing messages); editing product web pages; assisting with media relations activities; developing marketing ideas around new and existing products; tracking marketing success/ROI; preparing marketing schedules etc. Interns also will have the opportunity to compile white papers from existing research; test the effectiveness of social media platforms; and influence overall marketing strategy. Applicants should have strong writing skills, as well as working knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat.

Sales/Business Development Intern

Interns will be responsible for mapping out the organizational structures of client companies, researching competitors' products and services, forecasting sales of Best Practices' offerings and competitors' offerings. Examples of other projects include, review/track marketing ROI; develop and maintain metrics, analysis system; conduct landscape marketing analysis (e.g. pricing, product/service comparisons). Applicants should have strong analytical skills, as well as working knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat.