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Trends in Lean, Six Sigma & Process Excellence: Meeting Proceedings

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At the August 2005 Global Benchmarking Council conference on Trends in Lean, Six Sigma & Process Excellence: From Early Adopters to Agile Innovators, members, speakers and invited guests discussed how to restore balance in their Six Sigma deployment systems. This included debate about “tools for tools sake,” the cult of Six Sigma, Black Belt retention, and other issues critical to sustained success.
Featured Case Studies included the following:

  • GE Consumer Finance shared details about its present day Six Sigma in Services, including its new Action Workouts, similar to the old workouts with Kaizen speed and focus.
  • NCCI Holdings shared how it leveraged the tools of Six Sigma in the call center under the guise of “Problem Solving” in a skinny, stealth grassroots-up model of deployment.
  • Sun Microsystems provided some interesting perspectives, spanning its experience at Allied, Brooks PRI, Sun and as a Baldrige examiner regarding the value of preventative maintenance on the “system,” e.g., reboots to prevent “system crashes” or “system hangs.”
  • Xerox shared its successes in deploying Six Sigma in call centers, to drive sales, and with customers.
  • The Florida Department of Revenue shared its perspective on the journey to quality for a government organization.
  • The U.S. Navy’s Best Manufacturing Practices program gave a demonstration of its Best Practice Database, a free resource that contains over 2,400 best manufacturing practices gleaned from site visits at innovative manufacturing organizations.
  • Fuller Jones & Associates challenged common perceptions of what constitutes a successful Six Sigma deployment, e.g., number of belts trained and projects completed. They encouraged the audience to consider behavior-based training as a way to empower managers to lead change across multiple processes simultaneously.

Members and guests then divided into smaller groups for more in-depth discussion and exchange on topics of interest, including:
- Deploying Six Sigma in Administrative Functions
- How to Achieve Balance in the System
- Applying Lean Principles Outside of Manufacturing

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Industries Profiled:
Financial Services; Manufacturing; Consulting; Government; Computer Software; High Tech

Companies Profiled:
GE Money (formerly GE Consumer Finance); Fuller; Jones & Associates; Best Manufacturing Practices Center of Excellence; NCCI Holdings; Inc.; Sun Microsystems; Best Practices LLC; Xerox; Florida Department of Revenue

Table of Contents

- Key Take-Aways Page 4
- GE Case Study: Improving Operational Efficiency Page 7
- Creating Momentum for Six Sigma in Call Centers Using Skinny and Stealth Sigma Page 12
- Sun Microsystems: Is it Time to “Reboot” Your Lean Sigma Initiative? Page 16
- Roundtable I. Deploying Six Sigma in Administrative Functions Page 20
- Roundtable II. Balance in the Performance Improvement System Page 23
- Roundtable III. Applying Lean Principles Outside of Manufacturing Page 26
- Six Sigma at Xerox Page 29
- Florida Department of Revenue Six Sigma Light Page 35
- Best Manufacturing Practices Page 38
- Six Sigma Hangover Page 42

List of Charts & Exhibits

Cover: Organizational Deployment Models
Figure 01. Six Sigma Project Selection: Initiative and Project Correlation
Figure 02. Sample GE Scorecard
Figure 03. Lean vs. Six Sigma
Figure 04. Where NCCI Began
Figure 05. How Control Charts Add Value
Figure 06. How to Demonstrate Improvement Using Control Charts
Figure 07. Best Practices
Figure 08. TeleWeb Six Sigma Project Example
Figure 09. Fleet Implementation Program
Figure 10. Case Study: Brooklyn Public Library
Figure 11. Florida The Florida Department of Revenue – Commitment to Quality
Figure 12. Strategic Leadership System
Figure 13. BMP Survey Sites
Figure 14. Documented Best Practices by Function
Figure 15. Sample Documented Best Manufacturing Practice