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SEPTEMBER 2023 Research Alert

This month we added four new studies to the Best Practice Database, the research repository for Best Practices, LLC. This month's new studies explore two topical areas: managing virtual and hybrid medical science liaisons within Rare Disease and Oncology therapeutic areas and building robust Medical patient teams. The first two studies examine how Rare Disease field medical leaders can elevate their team's impact. The third study explores how leading biopharma organizations are building robust Medical patient teams and engaging key stakeholders with patient experience insights; and the last study analyzes current and emerging trends in the management of Oncology field medical teams.

The new Best Practices, LLC studies listed below under Newly Added Research explore how leading companies have made their operations more effective across these different areas.

Download: Rare Disease MSL Team Excellence: Benchmarking Recruitment, Retention, and Compensation Levels (5771)

This Best Practices, LLC study is designed to help rare disease field medical groups understand how to better maximize MSL retention and offer competitive salaries.

Download: Rare Disease MSL Team Excellence: Benchmarking Key Performance Indicators (5772)

This research is designed to help rare disease field medical groups understand how to effectively measure field performance and impact.

Download: Patient-Focused Medical Affairs Excellence: Building Medical Patient Teams and Engaging Stakeholders with Patient Experience Insights (5773)

This benchmark study probes high-value activities and engagement strategies; impact of patient insights on KOL engagement; direct patient engagement; and Medical’s utilization of patient-reported outcomes.

Download: Oncology MSL Team Excellence: Benchmarking Roles and Staffing Levels (5774)

Best Practices, LLC undertook this research to equip Oncology field medical leaders with the insights needed to optimize roles and staffing levels to ensure effective engagement.

Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs

Includes research spanning the complete spectrum of activities overseen by the Medical Affairs function including KOL management, field medical excellence, HEOR, launch optimization, medical education, patient engagement and other critical areas.
Product Launch

Product Launch

Includes research spanning critical areas that would enable executives to design, execute and refine their strategies to power blockbuster product launches.
Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies

Includes research that is critical for driving the digital transformation of the biopharma and medical device industry.
Marketing Management

Marketing Management

Includes research that enables executives to effectively plan, execute, evaluate and refine their marketing structure, operations and strategies.
Patient Access, Support, Insights and Operations

Patient Access, Support, Insights and Operations

Includes research spanning the wide range of activities critical to develop a patient-centric organization and drive successful patient engagement programs.
Quality, Compliance & Regulatory

Quality, Compliance & Regulatory

Includes research that enables regulatory affairs and quality management organizations to effectively manage resources and ensure product quality while meeting the stringent regulatory standards.


Includes research that enables sales executives to streamline organizational structure and processes, optimize resources, improve training programs, and increase sales force effectiveness.
Market Research & Competitive Intelligence

Market Research & Competitive Intelligence

Includes research spanning critical areas that help set the strategic and tactical direction for commercial operations.
Human Resources

Human Resources

Includes research on recruitment, selection, retention, career path, onboarding, training, development, performance management and incentive compensation.

Therapeutic Areas

Therapeutic Areas

Includes operational research relevant to key therapeutic areas including Cardiovascular, CNS, Oncology, Respiratory, Immunology, Metabolic, Vaccines, Dermatology, Rare Diseases, etc.

David Guinn

David Guinn

Executive Director, Account Management and Business Development

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