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Human Resources Performance Management/Rewards and Recognition


Executives, operational chiefs and personnel managers must ensure that their systems of rewards and recognition are carefully aligned with overall strategic and operational goals. Rewards and recognition systems misaligned with corporate objectives can result in behavior that is not anticipated or desired by management. These unanticipated actions may be personally beneficial to front-line sales reps, manufacturing floor managers or even senior executives, yet they move the company away from its overall goals or cause systemic harm.

In addition to measuring the progress of employee performance toward corporate goals, well-defined performance measurement systems help gauge employee reception, understanding and buy-in for reward systems. This critical feedback can help managers make adjustments necessary to drive improvements and avoid the unanticipated behaviors and actions that negatively impact corporate goals.

Our Role in Aligning Incentives with Strategic and Operational Goals

Best Practices, LLC’s Research & Consulting service is geared to support organizations seeking to identify and achieve optimal performance. Our quantitative research highlights organizational goals, while our qualitative research enables executives to develop a road map to achieve these performance targets. Best Practices, LLC has conducted extensive research in several areas of incentives and performance measurement:

  • Employee Performance Management and Development
  • Developing HR Performance Measures
  • Measurement and Coaching: The Performance Measurement Dashboard
  • Growing Leaders Through Employee Development Programs
  • Incenting Collaborative Behavior
  • Increasing Sales Performance Through Superior Sales Performance Management

Best Practices, LLC’s talented research team can work with you to develop a research study uniquely designed to meet your immediate business management needs.

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David Guinn

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Best Practices, LLC has developed an integrated set of tools and techniques including proprietary databases, surveys, lessons-learned interviews, site visits, multi-industry assessments, insightful decision-support tools, and unparalleled access to high-level contacts at industry-leading organizations across the globe. The results are best practice research, analysis, competitiveness review and insight that enable organizations to evaluate their total productivity and improve growth, cost position, process design, and overall operating effectiveness.

Over the years, Best Practices, LLC has developed expertise across a broad spectrum of human resources topics. Specific research areas include:

  • Achieving Excellence in University Recruiting
  • Achieving Superior Staffing Performance
  • Benchmarking HR Service Center Processes
  • Benchmarking Resources and Complexity of Benefits Functional Area
  • Best Practices in Career Path Definition and Succession Planning
  • Best Practices in Employee Performance Management and Development
  • Best Practices in Executive Communication
  • Corporate Medical Services: Administration Excellence
  • Corporate University Excellence: Creating a Robust and Flexible Workforce
  • Developing Human Resources Performance Measures
  • Developing the High Performance Team
  • Driving Growth through Recruiting Excellence: Best Practices in Recruitment and Selection
  • Employee Engagement and the Service-Profit Chain
  • Employee Retention: Managing the Part-Time Professional
  • Excellence in Leave of Absence Administration
  • Excellence in Workers' Compensation Program Administration
  • Growing Leaders Through Employee Development Programs
  • Incentive Systems to Promote Collaborative Behavior
  • Leadership Development and Succession Planning Meeting Proceedings
  • Optimizing Human Resources Organizations: Managing Staffing, Roles and Budgets
  • Relocation Excellence: Maintaining Employee Productivity

Rewards & Recognition Programs - Comprehensive Benchmark Study

Reward & recognition programs are a great way to instill company values or to improve financial performance; however, if poorly executed, they can yield little results. This 47-page document benchmarks how 131 leading companies structure, organize, manage, and evaluate rewards and recognition programs. This comprehensive report is highly detailed and segmented between profit and non-profit/government employees. It includes actual dollar amounts and percentages for both financial rewards and budgets used in reward & recognition programs.

Rewarding Contact Center Employees: Frequency and Effectiveness of Recognition Programs

This 35-slide research document uncovers the types and components of incentive programs used for pure sales reps, pure service reps and blended contact center employees, the levels and frequency of incentive pay-outs companies use to gain maximum return, and the overal lessons learned in motivating employees effectively.

Performance Management Success Strategies for Retail Financial Services Companies

The mantra of most companies is that they want to hire the "right" people in order to be successful. In fact, the central element separating best practice companies from the rest of the pack is the strength of their employees in terms of skills, behaviors, performance and abilities. The trick for HR managers, of course, is attracting and identifying those "right" people and developing them into top performers. This document can help executives design and promote more effective staffing practices and policies in the Retail Finance industry.

Benchmarking Sales Performance Management Structures

Companies across industries are continuously challenged with optimizing the productivity of their sales force. The findings from this research study will provide executives with insights on identifying key metrics for sales performance measurement and developing management structures that ensure ongoing sales force development.

This 23-page document includes metrics, best practices, winning approaches and performance measures companies use to review, coach and grow their sales representatives. In addition to data presented for the complete benchmark class, responses for the pharma/healthcare industry and manufacturing/consumer products industry are segmented and charted separately throughout the document.

Measuring Call Center Sales Performance

Measuring sales performance and especially, integrating Process Excellence & Six Sigma into day-to-day sales operations is a challenge all organizations face. This cross-industry study benchmarks the output levels, tools and indicators leading companies use to measure the performance of their call center sales and service/sales agents.

To help companies achieve call center sales excellence, "Measuring Call Center Sales Performance" reveals data on sales operations, performance measurement and training.