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Pharmaceutical Marketing - Research & Consulting

Effective marketing is at the heart of success for high-growth pharmaceutical brands and companies. Best Practices, LLC is a recognized leader in the field of marketing benchmarking and process improvement.  We have extensive experience in helping clients navigate all phases of the marketing process from new product development and commercialization through launch and brand lifecycle management.

Our team employs interviews with marketing executives at leading companies along with quantitative surveys to identify performance measures, metrics, best practices and lessons learned - delivering fresh, relevant and timely marketing guidance to our clients.

Best Practice Methodology for Pharmaceutical Marketing

Using our proprietary Best Practice Blueprints for Excellence methodology, Best Practices' analysts first help our clients assess their existing processes and performance systems. Following the completion of internal practice collection, Best Practices, LLC and the client team members confer to prioritize the issues and areas that will have greatest economic and operational benefit.  An action plan is then developed and used to guide the benchmarking project.

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Early-Stage Commercialization

Long and costly product development cycles make it essential today for companies to allocate resources to products that have the greatest potential market value. Leading companies are integrating commercial insights early in the new-product process to identify and eliminate unpromising product candidates, reduce development cycle time, focus resources for greatest impact, and increase their potential for launching a winning product.

Our research into the area of early-stage product commercialization has identified winning tactics used in the pharmaceutical industry and other top industries.  Best Practices, LLC, can help you develop successful early-stage commercialization and portfolio management programs. We have proven experience in gathering comparative data such as number of staff dedicated to early-stage commercialization, number of dedicated staff by company size (in annual sales), funding sources for early-stage programs, timing of market research activities by development phase, organizational costs of early-stage programs and optimal timing of commercialization integration.

Specialty Drug Marketing

Specialty pharmaceutical product marketers strive to effectively allocate their resources among various marketing activities and budget categories. Top executives who are marketing specialty products report that detailing, professional relations and market research have the best levels of ROI.

Past research in this area has benchmarked budget allocation, top pre- and post-launch activities, and primary target audiences. Whether you are trying to expand the market or achieve greater market share, Best Practices, LLC can assist you in determining the best pre- and post-launch strategy for your specialty product.

Communicating Clinical Trial Results

Pharmaceutical companies spend considerable resources conducting large clinical studies to support the launch of new products or expand indications for currently marketed products. Pharmaceutical companies that can leverage that investment by linking the benefits shown in clinical trials to key products will gain significant advantage in the market.

Best Practices, LLC can help your organization benchmark best-in-class companies and uncover the best strategies and tactics for maximizing the impact of clinical trial results.


Top pharmaceutical companies around the globe are leveraging technology to sell and market their products. However, all companies are challenged by a common set of problems: identifying the best technology, overcoming cultural resistance and integrating online efforts into the total marketing mix. From benchmarking e-detailing programs to online DTC efforts, Best Practices, LLC stands ready to assist your organization with all of its e-marketing benchmarking needs.