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How a Research and Advisory Services Partnership Benefits You

Partnership in our Research and Advisory Services entitles you to:

Partnership introduces you to innumerable customized primary benchmarking opportunities with executives across diverse functional areas. Best-in-class companies share critical performance metrics, best practices and lessons learned from their sphere of influence. Our team of analysts and subject matter experts will aggregate findings and prepare a custom report containing qualitative and quantitative analysis as well as recommendations and implementation guides for you and your team.

With this service, you choose a topic of interest from our list of recently completed research studies, and our analysts will benchmark your firm’s performance against industry leaders. This service includes a custom gap analysis that will map where you are before you embark on your own custom research projects. The analysis will also serve as a baseline against which you can measure future performance improvements.

Take part in a variety of no-cost benchmarking studies that support important business decisions. As a Research and Advisory Services partner, you will receive periodic invitations to participate in benchmark research projects launched by your peers. Joining one of these studies gives you a window on issues of concern to other industry leaders. All participants also receive a free copy of the benchmarking research findings.

24/7 access to an extensive online library of more than $35 million of original research. As a Research and Advisory Services partner, you have free access to this resource, joining the hundreds of executives from other leading companies who hold independent Database memberships.

Senior analysts at Best Practices, LLC are available by phone or email during regular business hours to respond with immediate answers to business questions or to provide estimates on quick turnaround response times when you will have answers you can use.

As a Research and Advisory Services partner, your peer-to-peer networking opportunities are abound. It's your choice. You can interact with other business executives face-to-face at annual conferences or remotely through our online meetings and roundtables.

  • On-site presentation and strategic roundtable
  • High priority status for customized research requests
  • On-site gap analysis on key function or process meeting
  • On-site key initiative implementation assessment meeting
  • 15% discount on all Best Practices, LLC published research
  • Free admission to in-person networking events, online meetings and roundtables throughout the year

Interested in becoming a partner?

What does it mean?

This is one case example of how Research and Advisory Services partners get quick answers to pressing business questions.

Real Business Situations:

With competition for time and attention of Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and thought leaders intensifying, a leading biotechnology company struggled with how to best use field-based medical specialists to build and strengthen KOL relationships. Marketing leaders knew that the work of medical specialists was essential to success, but they needed more data and insights to optimally size and deploy these professionals. In addition, they wondered: what should the extent of their responsibilities realistically be?


Concrete Research Questions:

This Research and Advisory Services partner (Marketing Leadership Practice), decided to use benchmarking through his partnership to answer several questions including: What is the optimal size, mix and service frequencies of field-based medical specialist groups?

He commissioned a research project to gather and synthesize this information to optimally support several brands. Our research analysts customized a survey and conducted in-depth interviews across 14 leading peer companies.


Actionable Results:

In less than six weeks, our research team provided and briefed the Research and Advisory Services partner on the following key metrics:

  • Drivers of Field-Based Medical Specialist Group Size
  • Structuring & Alignment of this Consultative Field Force
  • Optimal Call Frequencies
  • Pre-Launch Service Activities
  • Post-Launch Service Activities